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·November 2013 Cooperation with Hainan Mining Corporation [2013-11-22]
After nearly one year’s consultations and negotiation, the foreign director Mr. Hou Juanyu from Hainan Leader Mining Ltd, which is our company’s foreign cooperative enterprise in Hainan province, together with our president Dr. Zhou Taihe and director Mrs. Hou Yuxia finally signed the formal agree…
·October 2013 Australian joint exploration project has achieved preliminary results [2013-11-22]
After a recent surface geological mapping and geochemical exploration work, our Australian joint exploration project, which has been explored in cooperation with Hainan Geological Survey, has achieved preliminary results. Dr.Gina Dong, general geologist Mr. Xu Fengshan and project manage Mrs. Zhu …
·March 2013, Sino-QZ Group and Hainan Geological Survey jointly carry on exploration work in Victoria of Australia [2013-4-10]
In Nov 2011, Sino-QZ Group successfully granted an exploration license of 159 km2 in Victoria of Australia. In March 2013, Sino-QZ's chief consultant Dr. Dong Guoyi and project manager Mrs. Zhu Shan accompanied 5-person exploration team from  Hainan Geological Survey heading to Glentho…
·Sep 2012, Sino-QZ Group successfully applied for an exploration license of 80 km2 in New South Wales of Australia [2012-9-27]
In Sep 2012, Sino-QZ Group successfully granted an exploration license of 80 km2 in New South Wales of Australia. This exploration license is in a very popular mineralization area of  New South Wales of Australia--Copper and Gold Cobar belt, and therefore it has very go…
·Sep 2012 Signing ceremony between Yukon province and Shaanxi province on the establishment of sister-province relationship [2012-9-25]
After four years of the Sino-QZ and government officials in China and Canada's hard work, a milestone in establishment of sister-province relationship between Shaanxi Province, People's Republic of China and Yukon Territory, Canada has been achieved. on Sep 18, 2012, Yukon government delegat…
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