Today is:18/3/2018

The Sino-QZ Group is a Melbourne-registered international consulting and investment company; it has 

offices in Beijing and Haikou City of China.We provide professional advice in identification and evaluation, 
joint-venture structure, legal and tax framework, as well as business acumen and insight in culture and 
government relations practice in China, North American, Australia and other Asian Pacific countries. 
HT Mining, a sister company of Sino-QZ, is located in Zhongguancun of Haidian District, Beijing and is 
100 percent Chinese-owned. The company is mainly engaged in mineral resources prospecting and 
development. The company holds 14 exploration licenses, including 12 wholly owned, with a total area of 
386.89 square kilometers. Mineral types include gold, copper, iron, cobalt and other metals. 

December 2016 Overseas Geologi…
Mr.Taihe Zhou of president, Ms.Yuxia Hou of business manager and Ms.Shan Zhu of Financing manager were invited to participate in 2016 overseas geologi…
October 2016 UBS Disruptive Te…
Mr.Taihe Zhou of president and Ms.Yuxia Hou of business manager were invited to participate in 2016 UBS Disruptive Technology CEO Summit.